When it comes from the heart, it almost always works.
 When it comes from the head, it seldom does. - Marc Chagall

For dirty birds

Sorry, there is no person named "Moe" in our studio...
only my husband and myself design the art pieces that we create in our studio called "mOe's Ache".

We felt it necessary to christen our studio with a name that would evoke the same humor that we encompass in our work.

We start by reclaiming everyday objects and then reinvent them using both traditional and innovative mosaic techniques.

By incorporating glass, tile, beads and baubles along with a touch of humor, we create one of a kind art pieces for the home and qarden.

Little pig, little pig. Isn't he cute!
Cappi Phillips / Bud Fick
P.O. Box 3145
Bloomington, IN 47402

812 / 334-2992


Garden Art, Mailboxes, Furniture, Home Accessories, Sculptural, Fun and Funky Their show schedule, gallery shows, etc. You know, email, phone number, etc. They're nuts!